3 Ways To Get Better Donor Data

Image courtesy of Ketia 4 Kids Foundation. Image courtesy of Ketia 4 Kids Foundation.

Gather more information about what your donors are doing during your campaigns. Are they responding to your your methods the way you had hoped, or are you missing some so the important data.

  1. Define a strategy

    It's easy to ask for data on "engagement" or for insights into the latest "campaign," but what data is meaningful to defining those terms? Setting goals for data, such as an increase in email click or a longer average page-time on your website are specific bits of data that make up campaigns and engagement. Decide what you want to specifically focus on and create a strategy to meet that goal, then measure and repeat or refine if necessary.

  2. Collect accurate data

    Data governance is essential to getting the right information. Is your data being made up of employee traffic because you forgot to block your nonprofit's IP from analytics, or are employees using multiple methods of reporting? These, seemingly, minor events can lead to mis-informative data.

  3. Organize data

    CRM systems, such as VolunteerConnect, are great for storing and managing data, in addition to setting reporting standards and goals. These systems have the capabilities of collecting even more data by integrating with email systems, campaign services, social media, your nonprofit's website, and other programs nonprofits use daily. Some CRMs are cloud-based, allowing automatic back-ups of information.

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