3 Tips For Making Your Next IT Project Successful

Image courtesy of Social Media Marketing.com. Image courtesy of Social Media Marketing.com.

Deciding to undertake a technology innovation or update project is a big task for nonprofits, but are attainable according to an article on npEngage, with these simple tips:

  1. Executive vision and involvement

    Let's face it, if the staff at a nonprofit do not have support and guidance from their executive leaders, the project will lack decisive direction and adoption.

    Leaving a new innovative technology project up to the tech because they "know about that stuff," is not a good reason. If you are a nonprofit executive, take the time to get to know what your IT support team does, and what your operational staff needs to be more efficient and effective at their jobs.

  2. Defining requirements

    Whatever your organizational needs, there absolutely IS a technology solution out there just waiting for a nonprofit like yours. However, before endeavoring down the road of selecting a vendor or even the appropriate technology update, assess your nonprofit's monthly, quarterly, yearly, and long-term goals. Also review priorities--maybe you have an on-site server that is on it's last legs; this is probably a high priority.

    Once you have a full understanding of your needs, begin searching for the appropriate tool or service that will improve employee performance and streamline the daily workflow. Once you begin implementing the new technology, make sure you identify project leaders, set deadlines, and review with the staff members who will be affected by the changes.

  3. Risk identification and management

    Of course, with any project comes some risk--the 'what ifs.'

    What if our old server gives out while we are transferring data to the cloud service provider? What if the staff find the new CRM too difficult to manage? What if our sensitive information gets breached in our new database?

    When you deal with sensitive donor information, employee records, and daily business data, these are elements that might be affected by a technology upgrade and should be monitored with appropriate controls, backups, and exit strategies--just in case.

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