3 Things To Make Your Fall Fundraiser Stand Out

Fall Fundraising

According to Nonprofit Hub, Fall is the time just before the end of the year's "hard sell." But don't let this time go to waste with mediocre fundraising tactics.


  1. Build-up and personalize to avoid the "hard sell".

    Sending monthly personal messages to past and potential donors, informing them about your work and results can make a soft appeal at the end of the year more successful. Many nonprofits rely on boilerplate emails, letters, and often don't demonstrate their organization's value to a donor. Put the work in ahead of time and really get to know your donors.

  2. The tedious details can be the most important.

    Nonprofits forget about the important details, such as scheduling donor meetings and identifying their donor's status' (loyal, new, spontaneous, etc.). Oliver Gearing's Priority Matrix will help your nonprofit put that "important but non-urgent work" into perspective.

  3. Show all of your donors you care about them.

    Nonprofit Hub says it perfectly, "don't treat donors like ATMs." Taking the time to add the personal touch to an email, sharing how last season's donations were put to use, and other stories that build a compelling view of your nonprofit will keep donors engaged and feeling like they aren't just there for when you need the money.

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