3 Reasons Tech Implementations Fail And How To Avoid It


Image courtesy of Column 5
Image courtesy of Column 5

Making a small or large scale tech change can be intimidating. Investments, changes in work flow, and a host of potential problems when implementing the tech are all daunting challenges to face.

However, if your team properly prepares, implementing your latest tech switch can be a breeze.Below are a few reasons implementation can fail, and ways to ensure that your tech is implemented seamlessly - according to Tracy Kronzak of Cloud for Good.

  1. Unrealistic standards

    If you’re expecting a change in email servers to save your nonprofit that is not covering its overhead, you have another thing coming. Before getting started with your tech switch, sit down with your team to discuss what exactly this tech is intended to accomplish. For example, a CRM can immediately help you gather and store more information about your constituents, but will likely not increase the efficiency of your email servers. Before executing a tech switch ask yourself whether your new tech will greatly reduce time spent on a process, or where it will save money. Whatever its purpose, make certain its goal is realistic and attainable.

  2. Poor support

    Technology is always changing, and if you and your team are not ready to support your tech, problems will manifest themselves in your process. Not having a flexible plan that includes staff training, phasing in of technology, software updates and hardware issues is a recipe for disaster. Make sure you and your team are ready by planning support ahead of time and being ready to react quickly to potential problems.

  3. Reluctance to fund big projects

    Demands are high while the support and funds to realize those demands remain low. Making tech changes, both large and small, require capital and often times support from outside donors. Do not be hesitant to ask for extra support when necessary - it could be the difference between you accomplishing your goal and falling just short. Without this extra support, fully accomplishing a tech switch could be impossible.

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