3 Nonprofits Doing Cool Things With Tech

Image courtesy of SustaiNet Software. Image courtesy of SustaiNet Software.
  1. Walden Woods Project uses Skype to reach classrooms.

    The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees shared the idea of connecting aid workers with students to share experiences. Microsoft's Skype is now used for more than refugee aid workers. Teachers are connecting speakers from across the globe to their classrooms, The Chronicle of Philanthropy reports.

  2. California Teacher's Association is connected supporters to the state legislator.

    According to Mashable, the California Teacher's Association sent text messages to their following after the state laid off over 40,000 teachers. The supporters were automatically directed to their state legislator when they responded so they could voice their opinion.

  3. The Latin American Community Center received 20 refurbished computers for their Youth Computer Technology Program.

    Students at the Center were able to participate in a Computer Technology after-school program, which taught the children how to build computers, using the donated, refurbished hardware. Read more.

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