What is VOIP?


Voice over internet protocol (VOIP) is phone service over the internet. Nonprofits are finding out that they can increase productivity with this combined, simplified communication tool. Below are six reasons why nonprofits prefer VOIP. 

 6 Reasons Why Nonprofits Prefer VoIP

1. VOIP doesn't require on-site equipment.

  • More office space
  • Contractors don't need to schedule routine appointments

2. No maintenance, repairs or upgrades.

  • No physical hardware
  • Systems are automatically updated

3. Full functionality of your phone system wherever you can get online.

  • Redirect your 800 numbers
  • Change you message alerts and download call data remotely

4. Significant decrease in cost. 

  • Inexpensive, simply because it uses a widely available, affordable technology; the Internet. 

5.Increased sound quality

  • Fiber Optic wiring, composed of plastic or glass strands, which is more durable, reliable, and often times faster and clearer than traditional phone lines.

5. Data, data, and more data.

  • Your phone can keep track of:
    • Who you’ve called
    • Who called you
    • Missed calls
    • You can control how you receive voice data, including having your voicemail transcribed and emailed to you by your phone.

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