Nonprofits Must Adapt To Multiplatform Engagement



Many nonprofits are accustomed to contacting supporters and constituents with a few traditional methods. Email blasts, robo-calls, snail mail, for a long time, these were the ways that nonprofits got in touch with those who support them.


But according to a recent post in the Philanthropy Journal, those methods are no longer adequate. These days, nonprofits need to adapt and learn how to utilize multiple communication platforms to stay in touch with supporters and keep them up to date on your organizations operations.

According to the experts, nonprofits need to learn that it is important to stay in touch with supporters through methods they prefer, and not the other way around. If a donor or constituent doesn’t feel involved, or feels like they’re out of the loop, it’s not unlikely that they will stop supporting your organization.

Check out the post in Philanthropy Journal to learn more about how multiplatform engagement can improve the way your organization interacts with its supporters.

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