Why Your Nonprofit’s Content Marketing Voice is Important


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Create content readers will care about. As if this wasn’t a tall enough order, now I have to care about my editorial voice?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is absolutely.

Sure, readers care about the quality of the content, and the validity of the information that’s being disseminated; but they also care about being entertained, and the ease at which they can consume and digest the information your blog and social media feeds are presenting to them.

Ultimately, on every one of your external facing communication outlets (Twitter, website copy, blog etc.), it’s important that everything your nonprofit shares or creates is working towards your nonprofits ultimate goal. In other words, each subsequent post should be building upon the previous post, or setting up your next post.


The problem many nonprofits are facing

Nonprofits big and small often have multiple people responsible for maintaining its online presence. Naturally, each one of these people has a specific voice and style of writing. As a result, your messaging can come across passive in one post, but aggressive in your website copy. Where one writer may like to ask a lot of questions of the reader, another writer may like to use declarative statements instead of questions.

To help combat this problem, ensure the individuals responsible for writing or creating any content on behalf of your nonprofit is segmented to a specific area of your nonprofit’s website, blog, or content marketing efforts, and are not allowed to directly contribute to the other parts.

What’s the solution?

Hire an editor.

Although this is not realistic for most nonprofits. And an editor would in most cases not have enough work to keep them busy for 40 hours per week. So that doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense.

However, appointing someone the ‘voice editor’ is a great place to start. Ensure this person is reading and approving all content that your nonprofit creates to ensure that messaging is in line with the approved voice. Whether it is 1,000 words of website copy or a couple 140 character tweets, it’s imperative to the consistency of your brand and the effectiveness of your nonprofit’s content marketing efforts that your editorial voice is not only accurate, but consistent, too.

As long as your nonprofit has a layer of quality assurance, and is proactively managing the online voice of your nonprofit, your nonprofit’s voice will remain consistent, effective, and jettison your nonprofit’s content marketing efforts forward.

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