Infographic: The Right Crowdfunding Platform For Your Nonprofit

With #GivingTuesday only a few weeks away, chances are good your nonprofit is thinking about one thing, and one thing only.


It’s true, the holiday season is the season of giving and that holds true in the nonprofit sector. The month of December alone comprised 19.5% of the overall charitable giving in 2013, and that number is only expected to increase in 2014. The second highest month was June at 9% of overall charitable giving.

This is also the ideal time for a nonprofit to run a crowdfunding campaign. People are already in the giving mood, perhaps they were planning on giving to your nonprofit this giving season anyway. A crowdfunding campaign is the perfect way to show donors exactly where and what their money is going to be used for.

The problem? There are more crowdfunding platforms online than your nonprofit can shake a stick at. Indiegogo, Fundly, Causes, Causevox, and so many more.

When choosing your crowdfunding platform, refer back to this infographic which might just give your nonprofit the information it needs to make the most informed decision and makes your crowdfunding campaign a huge success this giving season.


Topics: Fundraising, Tech, Social
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