Infographic: How Many Is Too Many Or Too Few Emails?

We've all heard it before. Whether we wanted to or not.

Too much of a good thing (or anything), is a bad thing.

That's why, even though we talk about what a great marketing tool email is on this blog, and so many other blogs like it tell you the same thing, it's still possible to send too much (or too little!). And it might be easier to miss that sweet spot than you previously thought.

According to a recent infographic put out by Informz, of the 1,100 organization surveyed, 74% of organizations are sending between 1-5 emails to their constituents a month. What's interesting about their results is the other 26% of organizations that are sending between 6-10 emails a month to their constituent list are seeing a higher open, and click rate.

Check out the rest of the data in the infographic below!


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