If You Want To Use ‘Big Data’, Start Close To Home



There is always a lot of talk about the potential of ‘big data,’ especially for nonprofits. It’s true, the massive amounts of data bouncing around the internet has an enormous amount of raw potential.

But as discussed in the Philanthropy Journal, nonprofits should start small when first attempting to use raw data. The post talks about “medium data,” and argues that nonprofits should focus initial data gathering efforts on their local communities.

Smaller nonprofits that aren’t yet using data can get started by gathering facts about their cause and its relationship with the local communities. What strategies are you using? What’s Working? What’s Not? Who else is working toward the same goal?

There are many challenges facing nonprofits who want to get started with “big data,” but there are also ways to get started data that will make an immediate impact. Check out Philanthropy Journal’s post for more.

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