Examining The 2013 DoGooder Video Awards



Lots of nonprofits are beginning to utilize online videos to engage supporters and talk about their causes. With tools like YouTube, it’s easy to publish appealing videos that tell your nonprofit’s story. They range in style, some offer detailed looks at an organization’s mission and operations, and others take a more abstract, and often humorous, look at a given issue.

Recently the winners of the 2013 DoGooder Video Awards for Nonprofits, and a recent post from Miratel examined and graded this year’s winners. The videos ranged from a fast paced and suspenseful entry from the Rainforest Alliance examining the dangers of deforestation, to a comedic video about the availability of contraceptives for women from Pathfinder International.

You can watch this year’s winners on Miratel’s post, as well see their review of each. It’s a great look at what nonprofits can do with a little creativity and dedication.

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