How A CRM Immediately Impacts Your Staff, And What To Expect During Implemantation

Image courtesy of GRT Corp. Image courtesy of GRT Corp.

A CRM can help your nonprofit segment donors, boost fundraising, and help with volunteer retention, but those are all long term goals. The see if these goal have been achieved it takes several months, an implementation, and a lot of hard work.

But many nonprofit CEO ask: What should I expect on day 2 of the implementation? What signs should I be looking for from my staff? How should I expect them to react?

  1. A lot of questions

    First and foremost you should prepare for and expect for a lot of questions from your staff. These can range some simple usability questions to the need for installation or login help. Make sure your IT staff is prepped and available for quickly problem solving.

    Spend a lot of time on the floor during the first few days, ensure you’ve implemented appropriate training.

  2. Don’t panic!

    • No matter how much you have prepped, tested, an re-tested, problems do arise. It’s best to warn the entire team about this before getting started.

    • Because there may be a few kinks the first few times, your IT staff might be under more pressed and stress. Encourage your users to report any and all problems to the IT staff, regardless of how minor. This will not only help resolve problems, it will help train your IT staff on the CRM!

    • With all the changes, and the need to adjust daily rhythms, you may see a bit of a dip in productivity. This is very normal, as people will need time to learn the software and incorporate it into their daily work.

  3. A lot of feed back

    Expect some early adopters to love the change, but do expect there to be some negative feedback as well. Humans are fickle, and there may be a few employees who are against the change initially.

    Remember the importance of training your staff on new technology. They can only be successful if you point them in the right direction!

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