7 Steps To Effective Nonprofit Email Marketing

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Email, despite the criticism, is a powerful, if not your most powerful, advertising channel.
Each email address is a potential donor, someone who knows your nonprofit, and intentionally gave you their email address because, quite likely, they believe in your mission.

In a previous post, we discuss how to make your email’s more clickable. In this post, we offer general guidance on how to take your nonprofit’s email marketing campaigns to the next level.

Here are 7 tips to increase the effectiveness your nonprofit’s email marketing campaigns today.

  1. Dedicate space for email signup

    Find a place on your website where an email signup page would be appropriate. It could be a link in your website’s “Contact Us” section, or a link in about us. Where ever you decide to place it, if your website doesn’t have a place where visitors can simply sign up for your newsletter or email list, you need to get one.

  2. Offer compelling reason to sign up

    Make sure your call-to-sign-up is compelling. Try writing out seeral different options and asking other to do the same thing. Ask yourself and others if by reading it, would you feel obligated to give your email address? Tweak as necessary.

  3. Design a pop-up box

    Consider a noninvasive popup box with a call to action message and space to place email addresses on your website. Make sure it loads quickly, and offers visitors and easy way to opt out, or run the risk of alienating the visitor.

  4. Thank people for subscribing

    Offering a public thanks on a social media outlet, or sending a combo confirmation/thank you email once someone signs up is a great way to show that individuals you are thankful for commitment.

  5. Establish a communication schedule

    Hammer out, and stick to, a communication schedule. People will know that your nonprofit’s email newsletter comes out once every two weeks, or once a month, they will start to look for it; perhaps even subconsciously!

  6. Avoid some of the major pitfalls

    Too often, a nonprofit’s email newsletter will not take mobile users into account, or fall into other all too common pitfalls.

  7. Engage, engage, engage

    Engaging with followers through social media or adding a “thank you” page in a newsletter is great way to recognize subscribers. It shows you’re going out of your way, and are truly appreciative of their support.

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