6 Ways To Make Your Nonprofit's Holiday Campaign Successful

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The holiday season is meant for giving.

This is what many nonprofit fundraisers and donation campaigners are banking on. People are hardwired to give and be charitable during this time of the year.

Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your fundraising campaigns this holiday season, as according to Entrepreneur.

  1. Educate Your Donors

    The weeks leading up to Giving Tuesday is a time to educate your donors about your nonprofit’s causes, mission, and programs. Engage donors, or potential donors, with evidence—facts, figures, and testimonials from those who have benefited—that demonstrates how their donation affects your mission. By sending your donors brochures, newsletters, or even monthly emails, you are rewarding your donors with the knowledge that their donation is indeed making a difference.

  2. Know Your Donors

    Listening and researching are the most effective tools we can employ as a nonprofit seeking successful donation campaign. Understanding who your donors are, what their contributing habits are, and how they like to donate is key. Identify your target market using your donor database or CRM system and develop a strategy around your market segments.

  3. Make Your Donors Feel Personally Fulfilled

    Those looking to donate to nonprofits this holiday season are looking for ways to make a difference. Whether it is by donating $10 or $1,000, charitable people in return for their investment want to feel reciprocated in some way or another.

    Try sending out personalized letters through the traditional mail system signed in ink, or another personal way to show how much you appreciate their support of you.

  4. Build Trust In Donor Relationships

    Americans are naturally suspicious of marketing. Do not give donors any reason to feel as though they are being deceived by your nonprofit’s charitable donation drives.

    Closely examine your campaign strategy from top to bottom, making sure every sentence is honest, believable, straightforward, and poignant. Do not waste a potential donor’s time with words that add fluff and no meat to your message.

  5. Do Not Forget About Social Media

    The donors you are trying to reach may not be in the office, but they're most certainly still on their smartphones checking their social media. Be sure you queue up your social feeds with strategic messages, calls to action, and lots of engaging images to tell the story of your nonprofit.

    Twitter and Facebook are still the two most used outlets, but other spheres, such as Instagram, Pinterest, Reddit, and more are gaining more ground every day. Be sure not forget about that direct social and community connection you have with your donors during the holidays.

  6. Make Giving Fun

    Everyone is out there looking for funding, especially around the holidays. So make your nonprofit stand out with an interesting way of raising money and awareness for your cause.

    Try holding auctions, benefit dinners, speakers, or online question seminars. Give people that instant gratification after pledging money to your nonprofit with a free drink ticket at your benefit dinner, or having their question answered by the CEO for $5, or by having them walk out of an auction with a painting donated by a local artist.

Learn more about ramping up your fundraising campaign by reading the original article from Entrepreneur.

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