6 Cool Features For Nonprofits With Microsoft Lync 2013

Microsoft Lync

  1. Mobile Access

    Connect to Microsoft Lync with an iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows Phone. This is a great option for nonprofits that have staff members who telecommute or work in the field, but still need to attend meetings and collaborate with others.

  2. Easy Access To Conferences

    Since nonprofits are typically made up of very busy, but very passionate people, keeping track of meetings is relied upon by calendar reminders and phone alerts. Lync provides reminders where users can simply click the reminder and be transported into the conference. This is great because then staff members don't need to cut into their productive time to pull up a conferencing platform ahead of time to sign in and wait for others to show up.

    In addition, users can set up their preferred meeting view so they don't have to fiddle with sizing and orientation during the meeting.

  3. Lync Web App

    One of the best features is the web app, which allows both PC and Mac users to access a meeting in their web browser. The app includes all the same features that the program does!

  4. Persistent Chat

    Perhaps one of the best features for nonprofits is the ability to connect with specific people in a virtual chat room to collaborate. The ability to access a detailed record of chats makes it easy to search and reference details after the chat is over. Essentially, a mix of on-site and off-site employees could meet as a chat group in a private messaging space and communicate in real-time.

  5. Office 365

    Lync 2013 is included in Office 365, Microsoft's cloud-based software and storage, which was recently made FREE to nonprofits worldwide. Most offices uses Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Exchange, and Outlook, why not reap the benefits of those services in the cloud and cut IT costs?

  6. Administrative Monitoring

    With Lync's Active Monitoring, administrators can monitor collaborative teams and the network as a whole.

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