5 Steps To Increasing Your Facebook Reach

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There's so much talk over where a nonprofit’s audience is online, and where a nonprofit needs to be concentrating their social media marketing efforts. But with over 2 billion users, everyone’s audience is on Facebook.

Facebook is one of the most important social media channels for almost every nonprofit in operation today. With new features being added to support nonprofits and their missions, Facebook’s usefulness to the nonprofit sector will only grow.

However, reaching a large number of people with your posts has become increasingly difficult within the last few months. Where it was as simple as pressing publish, and you were guaranteed to reach over 100 people, Facebook has since changed their algorithm, making achieving a high reach increasingly difficult.

Whether to make us work harder, or make a little bit of extra cash, Facebook’s new algorithm has made the social network a pay to play model, making it difficult for nonprofits to penetrate their Likers’ news feeds.

But, with a little bit of extra leg work, there are ways to increase your chances of being seen. Here are 5 ways your nonprofit can start to increase its reach starting today.

  1. List your nonprofit’s content themes

    Look at your nonprofit’s goals and label the types of content you’re posting as they relate to those goals. Do you want to educate donors? Inform the community? Empower or inspire a certain demographic? Look at your content and start slapping some of these buzz words to specific posts. Start your reach increasing quest by deciding which posts were meant to educate vs which were meant to inspire.

  2. List sub-content categories

    Once you’ve identified different content themes you’re posting to your Facebook, label those different themes with more specific regarding their category. For example, you might have two posts that are themes inspiration. While both posts might be meant inspire, you might have used a meme for one post, but used a news article for another. Both are meant to inspire, what you used to accomplish that goal was different.

  3. Export Facebook insights

    Exporting your Facebook insights to an excel spreadsheet to make the list of posts editable. Click on Admin Panel -> Check Out Your Page Insights -> Export Data. Once in that screen select “post level data” and enter the date range you’re looking to analyze. We suggest either by quarter or monthly.

  4. Identify category and theme

    In the sheet you’ve just exported directly from Facebook, add 2 columns. One for each of the identifiers you adhered to your posts in the previous two steps. “Theme,” and “Category.”

  5. Create a pivot table

    A pivot table allows your nonprofit to measure the total amount of clicks, likes, shares and comments different posts get, and run a standard deviation on the different categories as compared to the whole set of data. This will easily visualize and understand what content is engaging and growing your Facebook community.

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