5 Simple Steps For Moving Your Nonprofit’s Email To The Cloud

Image courtesy of IT Pro. Image courtesy of IT Pro.

Moving your nonprofit organization to the cloud is not as hard as you think and the benefits include saving approximately 30% on email services, increased storage space per user, and a more reliable email server, according to an article on The Daily Beast.

In fact, technology grants exist for nonprofits that are looking for more sustainable tech solutions.

Ebony Taylor, Tech Impact’s Project Coordinator, discusses why most nonprofits move to the cloud, saying, “The cloud reduces overhead, it eliminates the need to have ongoing server maintenance, and you don’t need an IT person to maintain it afterward. It’s a win-win situation.”

According to Taylor, the problem most nonprofit’s face is hardware maintenance. “When hardware goes out of warranty it should be replaced, but not all organizations can afford new hardware every few years so a lot of time goes into maintenance.”

Having worked at Tech Impact for 5 years, Taylor shared the typical process of moving a nonprofit’s email system from an on-site server to the cloud.

5 Steps To Migrating Email

  1. The organization’s DNS provider who currently hosts the mail files is contacted.
  2. Next, a new account is prepared.
  3. Incoming mail is redirected to the new cloud-based server.
  4. Then, all mail files are migrated to the cloud provider.
  5. After the process is complete, training is provided.

The whole process can take as little as a week if the nonprofit is migrating from an Exchange server, however each nonprofit’s situation is unique. Additionally, some nonprofits opt to eliminate their on-site server entirely by migrating to a file-sharing solution at the same time.

In some cases, smaller nonprofits do not have email on their domain, which means their staff could be using a range of email services, such as Yahoo!, Gmail, or AOL.

Taylor adds, “Switching to the cloud brings these organizations back together and provides them with the resources they should be working with to more efficiently accomplish their mission.”

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