3 Most Common Nonprofit Applications Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the most advanced, and simplest forms of technology we utilize every day. The days of complicated, convoluted descriptions of the cloud are over as its become more engrained in our every day lives.

But cloud computing has a new secret. Its one of the best ways for nonprofits to complete their missions. From sharing of files and information, to the security of having all of your organization’s data backed up in case of a disaster, the cloud is serving the nonprofit sector in more ways than one.

The funny thing is, there are a lot of nonprofits that have already incorporated the cloud into their repertoire of of tools they use on a daily basis when at work. Everything from SharePoint to Software as a Service platforms rely on cloud computing.  

Here are some of the basics every nonprofit should be aware of when it comes to cloud computing.

1. CRM

A Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) system makes storing and maintaining your nonprofit’s contact database a breeze. While most traditional CRMs have confusing pricing models, most cloud CRM systems are billed on a simple to understand, per-user pricing model. This makes the incorporation of a CRM easier and in most cases less expensive. The advantages of keeping your CRM in the cloud is easier maintenance of contacts, having access to your complete database anywhere, any time.

If you’re still managing your nonprofit’s database in an Excel spreadsheet, you might want to start looking for a CRM that fits your needs.

2. Email and scheduling

Through sophisticated tools like Office 365, keeping your email and calendar system in the cloud is a cinch. Your staff can access their email messages, email attachments and have each other’s calendars available anytime, anywhere.

3. Day-to-day operations

Creating and sharing documents in online applications like OneDrive, creating and sharing documents that are exclusively in the cloud makes it easier to share documents and collaborate on projects.  

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