15 Social Media Marketing Stats You Need To See To Believe

Social media marketing is a staple part of any nonprofit’s marketing campaign. Whether it is the centerpiece to a comprehensive content marketing platform, or just another way our nonprofit engages with the community, social media is a mainstay in the lives of almost every American.

Despite all the hype surrounding its use, and everyone around you talking about how important it is, occasionally it can be difficult to discern whether or not the work is worth it. You may find yourself questioning whether or not a tweet is even being read at all.

You’re not alone, according a recent study, X number of people are still skeptical that social media marketing works in any capacity.

Here are 15 facts that will make you change your mind, and have you tweeting, posting, sharing, liking, and pinning faster than you ever have before.

  1. 92% of marketers said social media is important to promoting their business. This has increased from 86% in 2013.
  2. 37% said they could accurately measure R.O.I. from social media, up from 26% last year.
  3. 83% of marketers integrated social media with other marketing channels, up from 79% in 2013.
  4. 50% of B2C marketers said Facebook was an effective tool, but only 34% of B2B marketers said the same.
  5. 92% of marketers said that use of social media had increased exposure for their business.
  6. 80% felt that social media had increased traffic to their website.
  7. 58% of marketers involved in social media for over 1 year have seen a rise in search engine rankings.
  8. Those marketers with the most social media experience put the highest focus on content creation, using YouTube, blogging and podcasting to do so.
  9. B2C marketers were more likely to use Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram, while B2B marketers were more likely to use LinkedIn, Google+ and blogging.
  10. 54% of marketers said Facebook was the most important social media platform, followed by LinkedIn (17%) Twitter (12%) and then blogging (8%).
  11. 68% of B2C marketers said Facebook was the most important platform, but only 31% of B2B marketers said the same, finding LinkedIn more useful.
  12. The main area that marketers were looking to increase their output through was blogging, which was the first time it was seen as the top priority since 2010. 74% of B2B marketers had this focus, compared to of 63% of B2C marketers.
  13. The report notes “the beginning of a decline in the use of Facebook among marketers” as evidenced by the lessening percentage of marketers prioritising Facebook over other social media platforms.
  14. The social media platform that most marketers want to know more about is Google+, which is probably due to its role with SEO.
  15. Of marketers who paid for adverts on social media, an overwhelming 90% paid for space on Facebook (second was LinkedIn with 20%).

The above are the highlights from a comprehensive 50-page report put together by SocialMediaExaminer.com.

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