Why Your Exchange Server Is a Time Bomb

Your Exchange Server may be slowly ticking its life away. When it does, it will take down your e-mail and set you back.

We often speak with clients who are looking to switch to the cloud because their Exchange Server is unreliable or difficult to maintain. Those aren’t the only reasons to switch. As one client recently discovered, Exchange Servers can reach capacity. And when they do, they crash… big time.

The more users you add, and the more communication it has to handle, the more overworked your Exchange Server will become. Slowly, over time, your server’s hard drive fills up. Maybe you’ll catch it when it’s at 80%. You’ll get a warning; you’ll think you have time. Once you start to reach capacity, vital emails bounce. Then bang, out of nowhere (or maybe because you forgot to install a bigger hard drive) your server will crash. Now you, or your tech person, will begin the arduous task of moving your Exchange Server to a new hard drive.

It’s an expensive mistake. Lost hours of work productivity and expert IT help add up.

Office 365 can help you avoid the Exchange Server time bomb. There’s room enough for everyone up there! The cloud scales to your needs. Let’s say you start out not needing too much from your Office 365. That’s fine. The nonprofit pricing for Office 365 is extremely reasonable. But as your organization, and its functions, grow so does your need for email. Add more users, add more folders, and add more email addresses. It’s all no problem. The cloud can grow with you.

The baseline storage in Office 365 can store years’ worth of e-mail. I know. I currently have about 4 years’ worth. But if you need to, you can always upgrade for a couple of dollars per month. It’s the best deal going in nonprofit IT, and it ensures you don’t fall victim to the Exchange Server time bomb.

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