Why Nonprofits Should Embrace Big Data & The Cloud

Concept-about-cloud-computing-applications-storage-services-online-000090736045_Medium.jpgAccording to MIT Technology Review, roughly 0.5 percent of digital data is analyzed, which means, nonprofits are losing millions of opportunities to make smart decisions, improve efficiency,  & attract new donors and volunteers. The reason is simple; they are not leveraging the potential offered by data analytics.Here are four reason nonproifts need reliable cloud technology to carry out big data analytics.

1. Cost:

Nonprofits routinely rely on grants and donations, making excess financial resoureces limited. Without a clear solution, the default has been to do the bare minimum with the available data.

Remeber that opportunity loss is a cost of not implemeting technology as well. Successfully integrating data into the cloud, both (storage & analytics) saves time and service maintenance and has been shown to reduce costs by up to 50%.

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2. Security:

We have already discussed that nonprofits have copious amounts of data, but they have no clue as to what to do with it. The first thing they need to do is keep their data secure. With the recent Dropbox hack, which affected over 65 million accounts. Securing the information on your employees and donors has become more vital than ever. Cloud computing provides extensive privacy controls to increase the safety of your data. 


3. Integration:

If you look at the different sales, marketing, and social media management tools, they all offer integration with other apps. For example, you can integrate Facebook with MailChimp, Salesforce with MailChimp; which means, your (marketing/sales) cloud offers two-in-one service. It not only processes your data and provides analytics but also ensures that findings and data remain in a secure environment.

4. Automation: 

Once you can remove uncertainty, and find a reliable but cost-effective solution for your nonprofit, the next is automation. There are cloud services that offer wider automation features, enabling users to save time and money. Data management, campaign management, data downloads, real-time analytics, automatic alerts, and drip management are some of the key automation features.


Tech Impact has integrated hundreds of nonprofits into the cloud with data analytics. While making sure that it serves your purpose and keeping costs under control. 

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