Where Are They Now? TJ's Journey to Linode

Where are They Now - Social Post - TJ

Are you curious as to where some of Tech Impact’s graduates go in their careers? Meet TJ, a Philadelphia Spring 2017 graduate of the ITWorks program who has used this tech accelerator to propel her career. After spending a few years in the field without getting anywhere, she was looking for a breakthrough – and ITWorks gave her just what she was looking for! Now she is a Data Center Operations Engineer at Linode.

Prior to starting ITWorks, TJ had been trying to get the foot in the door of Philly’s tech scene, but everything seemed to fall apart, and she lost focus thinking her beginner’s luck had run out. Then she found ITWorks. “The leadership and mentoring that I received from ITWorks restored my confidence, and I figured out how to be me again,” she said when talking about her biggest takeaway from the program. With her ambition and passion stronger than ever, TJ fulfilled her ITWorks internship and was able to take advantage of an amazing opportunity as a NOC Analyst at SAP.

Her next career move? Exactly where she recently landed as a Data Center Operations Engineer at Linode. She fell in love with the company because they invested a lot into her career growth and education, so she’s in it for the long run! TJ has carried the mantra, “You miss every shot you don’t take,” with her since she graduated ITWorks. She’s proud to say that in the year since she graduated, she has made every shot she’s taken – even with odds against her – and thinks that is largely due to ITWorks.

In addition to working on her CompTIA Server+ certification, TJ hopes to continue her education, but she also wants to give back to the program. “There’s so many young people that have the same problem of low confidence. I think everyone is smart; everyone can be taught or teach themselves what they need to know. But when confidence stands behind knowledge, that brings a unique blend of talent that employers seeks. The doors that have been opened for me as a result of my confidence have been life changing.”

With the exciting launch of Tech Impact’s Alumni Ambassador initiative, the ITWorks and CXWorks programs are rolling out the “Where Are They Now?” blog series. Meet more of our graduates and learn about where Tech Impact’s workforce development programs have taken them next week.

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