Where Are They Now? ITWorks Fall 2016 Graduate Employment Update

The ITWorks class of Fall 2016 has been hard at work after graduating from the program. Eleven weeks of class time, Cisco and Comp TIA certifications, and five week internships prepared this class better than ever before for entering the workforce. Twenty graduates are already employed in the IT field, only a month and a half after graduation. Read on to learn more about their thoughts on the program and where they are now!

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Michael Wanner - "The best part of the program had to be how dynamic it was. Not only did we have amazing people within the ITWorks crowd, we had the privilege of having different companies talk to us about subjects that would help us along our career. My life has dramatically improved in all kinds of ways since graduation, all of which I can thank the ITWorks team for. I appreciate them to no end. "

Michael is currently in an extended internship at Arora Engineers, where he has been able to combine two of his expertise – mechanical drawing and information technology.


Justin Calabrese - "From the beginning, the ITWorks program gave me more support that I could have ever hoped for. They gave me the tools, knowledge, time, but most of all they gave me a chance. A chance to become someone that has value in this world. Everything they have done for me has helped me grow not only my skills but as a person as well."

Justin interned with the help desk at Tech Impact. He proved to be a dynamic member of the team and was hired right after!

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Jess Heilner - "I can safely say that applying to ITWorks has been the best decision I have ever made. The information, skills, and confidence I’ve gained in 16 weeks with ITWorks have been invaluable and help me every day, regardless of what facet of technology I am working with. It is a wonderful opportunity and a solid foundation to build your career on - this program is uniquely life changing, and the world needs more like it. "

Jess had a unique internship with the Data Team here at Tech Impact. With a knack for analyzing data and an interest in storytelling, she was brought on as an employee upon completion of her internship.


Marques Quitman - "I decided to give this program an honest shot, and today I’m proud to tell you that that is bar none the greatest decision I’ve ever made in my life. I’ve never felt more confident in myself, and so sure that my future can be a bright as I want it to be."

Marques completed his internship at ReedSmith in Philadelphia. He was then soon hired as the IT Administrator at The Village.


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Clyvette Smith - "Stepping into the world of IT took a lot of courage for me. With the help of ITWorks, they made it a smooth transition from the healthcare industry to IT. ITWorks has also helped me to increase my confidence and gain a professional network and marketable skills that will help me to be successful in the field of IT. I'm proud to say that I accepted the challenge of changing my career path, and I'm glad that ITWorks believed in my goals and gave me a chance. Thank you ITWorks!"

Clyvette interned with the technology team at Wissahickon Charter School. Afterwards, she accepted a contract position through TekSystems to work on a project at Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia.

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Joshua Hall - "ITWorks has taken me from being stuck in the vicious cycle of a paycheck to paycheck life and given me an opportunity to pursue my dream job."

Josh completed his internship at Southwest Gas in Las Vegas. Afterwards, he was offered a contract position to continue working there since it was such a great fit.


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Ryan Spence - "ITWorks gave me the opportunity to take my love for technology and evolve it into skills that I could use to succeed in my future career in technology. After I complete the program I was given the opportunity to work for the City of Las Vegas which I could not have done without the help of ITWorks. ITWorks gave me more than just technical skills It also gave me the skills to present myself as a professional. I am unbelievably grateful for this opportunity."

Ryan completed his internship with the City of Las Vegas where he was hired to as part of their IT team.

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