Where Are They Now? Betsy's Journey to Barclaycard

Where are They Now - Social Post - Betsy

Are you curious as to where some of Tech Impact’s graduates go in their careers? Meet Betsy, a Fall 2016 graduate of the first ever CXWorks class who has transformed her life, and her community, in the span of a few short years. Driven to make her dreams a reality, Betsy took advantage of the opportunity that CXWorks presented her. She is now a Customer Care Relationship Manager at Barclaycard, and one of our pilot Alumni Ambassadors.

betsy-703378-editedBetsy was quickly hired at Barclaycard after completing the program, a partner organization that supported the creation of CXWorks. Since then, she’s been perfecting her customer experience skills, learning from her peers, and setting herself up for success – she even volunteers with new CXWorks classes as part of the Customer Care team! She has even gained enough stability to pursue her degree in criminal justice, a lifelong dream of hers.

Besides fulfilling her own personal dreams and aspirations, Betsy has shared her success with her family members and neighbors – some of which have also gone through Tech Impact’s programs, changing the landscape of their entire community. You can hear more about it in this short video.

There have been a variety of takeaways from the program, but the two things that CXWorks instructor Brianna always said that still come to mind on a daily basis for Betsy are: “I can lead you to water but I cannot make you drink it,” and, “If it doesn’t make you uncomfortable, then you are not doing it right.” Betsy will forever carry these with her as they were part of the change she needed.

With the exciting launch of Tech Impact’s Alumni Ambassador initiative, the ITWorks and CXWorks programs are rolling out the “Where Are They Now?” blog series. Meet more of our graduates and learn about where Tech Impact’s workforce development programs have taken them next week.

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