Where Are They Now - Aundre WSFS Bank


Are you curious as to where some of Tech Impact’s graduates go in their careers? Meet Aundre, a Delaware Fall 2015 graduate of the ITWorks program who wasted no time at all putting his IT skills to work. He’s currently a Desktop Support Technician at WSFS Bank, and one of our pilot Alumni Ambassadors!

After a few short-term roles upon graduating from the ITWorks program, Aundre began an internship at WSFS Bank. Initially hired as part of their Service Desk team, he’s since been promoted to Desktop Support – a move he’s especially excited about, not only because it’s a step-up in his career, but also because it creates more space for more recent ITWorks graduates to get their foot in the door. He’s hoping to focus on earning his CompTIA Security+ certification so he can look at transitioning to a Security Analyst position.

Aundre is eager to be part of the first Alumni Ambassador program at Tech Impact. Always excited to give back to the program that helped him get his start, he is also excited to gain more a leadership presence in the IT community with the different projects and events that will be part of the Ambassador initiative.

When reflecting on his experience as an ITWorks student, Aundre said, “This program gives students the skills necessary to establish themselves into the job-secured IT industry. ITWorks also presents networking opportunities to keep students and alumni informed. Students get CompTIA certified training, five week highly-valuable internships, and much more – all for FREE!”

With the exciting launch of Tech Impact’s Alumni Ambassador initiative, the ITWorks and CXWorks programs are rolling out the “Where Are They Now?” blog series. Meet more of our graduates and learn about where Tech Impact’s workforce development programs have taken them next week.

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