Where Are They Now? Find Out Soon!


With the exciting launch of Tech Impact’s Alumni Ambassador initiative, the ITWorks and CXWorks programs will be rolling out a new blog series: “Where Are They Now?” This series will initially highlight those graduates who are part of the pilot Ambassador group, and go on to share the stories of a multitude of grads from both programs in all locations. Program staff are thrilled to share the post-program journey of graduates because it will demonstrate the career paths and trajectories that grads have the opportunity to pursue based on their training in one of Tech Impact’s workforce development programs.


Over the next few months, readers can expect to learn about the accomplishments of these amazing graduates; now Customer Experience and Information Technology professionals:


Betsy – Fall 2016
Jose – Spring 2017


ITWorks Las Vegas

Cynara – Fall 2016

Sultaneh – Spring 2017


ITWorks Philadelphia

Tom – Spring 2013

Matt – Fall 2014

Anna – Spring 2016


ITWorks Delaware

Philip – Spring 2013

Aundre – Fall 2015

Katie – Spring 2017


To learn more about CXWorks and ITWorks, please visit www.cxworks.org and www.itworks.org.

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