What's in a Name?

Last Monday, applications opened for our annual Technology Impact Awards. If you've been around a while, you may be wondering why we changed the name.

Our wonderful judges have always been interested in the impact of our applicant's technology innovations-they're thrilled to learn about applicants who are using a new database to reach donors or YouTube to share stories, but what's also is important is how that technology has helped your organization achieve it's mission.

Perhaps by using a Google Grant or Microsoft Bing Adsyour organization has increased donations by 50%-that's the kind of impact we want to hear about.

Not only is technology important to our judges, it's important for your organization to understand the impact of a technology change-for your own planning and evaluation purposes. Understanding how your technology is helping you achieve your mission can help you plan how to best use limited resources.

We hope your organization is thinking about it's technology impact-and that you're putting together your answers for this year's Technology Impact Award application.

If you have questions about this year's award process, be sure to sign up for tomorrow's applicant webinar to learn more about the application and the award process.

We're also happy to answer your questions over on our Facebook page or on Twitter. This year, two winners will win a $7500 price and a runner-up will win $1,000.

Tell us how you are able to impact your community with technology!

Have technology questions or want to learn more about how Tech Impact can help your nonprofit?