What Windows 95 Did for Computing, Office 365 Does for Cloud Computing

You may not remember how earth shattering the release of Windows 95 was. Windows 3.1 preceded it and that was nothing more than another program that ran on DOS. It wasn’t useful. It was a curiosity. It did not change computing forever.

Windows 95 changed computing forever. Specifically Windows 95 paired with Office 95. Together, they were a set of powerful tools with a completely new interface. The command line of DOS 6.0 was replaced with a point and click on your mouse. It was pretty, and it made computing accessible for a whole generation of folks who never wanted to learn about command lines or code. I call them spoiled.

What’s funny is that a new software package has arrived that is just as groundbreaking. Yet, it gets little fanfare. Office 365 does for cloud computing what Windows 95 did 20 years ago. It gives you access to a powerful set of tools and makes computing accessible in ways never before possible. You used to have to build a server to do this stuff. You used to need a computer that weighed 40 pounds (at home and at work). You used to have to remember to take the documents you needed home with you at the end of the night. You used to have to make sure the tape drive loaded properly. You used to have to know how to resuscitate a crashed server.

Office 365 changes all of that. And it is available to nonprofits at a fraction of the cost that it is to the rest of the world. Let us show you what Office 365 can do for your nonprofit. Soon you’ll be as excited as this guy.

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