What Technology Investments is Your Nonprofit Making?



Many nonprofits often view technology as merely a cost of administration, rather than an essential tool to forward their important work. By building the capacity of those working to make change, and helping them better serve more people, technology has the power to increase the effectiveness and sustainability of nonprofit organizations. Does your nonprofit have a technology related project that will advance your mission and better yet benefit from a $10,000 technology grant? Apply for the Technology Innovation Awards (here).


First and Foremost is Security.

According to Optimal Networks, the top security concerns for nonprofits are a weak password policy, use of outdated and open-source software, reliance on unsecured online payment processors, and access that current and former employees may have to the nonprofit’s systems.

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More Work than ever is being done on Mobile Devices.

According to adestra.com, 45 percent of emails are being opened on mobile devicesConsider losing the landlines and moving towards a system that gives your staff the flexibility to receive and make calls from their cell phone or home office, instant message, video call, conference call and screen share with just a click of the button. 

Webinar 07/12/2017: Unified Communications for Nonprofits


How to Turn Data into Action.

According to a January 2015 report from Charity Dynamics, 88 percent of nonprofit professionals expect digital fundraising to more than double, from 7 percent of total fundraising to 20 percent, in the next 10 years. All of that digital activity generates data. Yet 57 percent of nonprofits say they are not properly using the donor data they have for potential marketing and fundraising drives, according to iATS Payments, which provides payment processing products and services to more than 10,000 nonprofit organizations globally.

Technology adoption can be challenging - especially for those tasked with implementing and gaining acceptance from users. Learn best practices and common setbacks from leaders who have executed these changes. 

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