What Google's New Twitter Integration Means For Your Non-Profit


If you still have an intern running your Twitter strategy, you need to reevaluate your social media strategy. Earlier this month, Bloomberg reported Google search results will now integrate Twitter’s content in real time. That means 284 million users will now be indexed by the world’s largest search engine. Digital marketers need to rethink their social media strategies and how it could affect their non-profit’s search engine optimization, as Google has just made Twitter the must-have for every social media marketer in 2015.

Thanks to this integration, volunteers, donors and prospective clients can now find your non-profit on Google based on what has been said and trending on Twitter. The content your organization produces will be available not only to Twitter users, but to anyone using Google. Google has 3.5 billion searches per day in comparison with Twitter’s 288 million active users per month, meaning what your organization tweets has the potential for billions of social impressions.

Though this increased brand exposure could be excellent for bringing in new clients, donors and volunteers, it also means your organization needs to rethink how it approaches and prioritizes Twitter. It’s time to start paying attention to how your ads and organic traffic drive revenue and results for your non-profit, as traffic will now be highly influenced by Twitter and social media.

These changes makes the authenticity of the content you are tweeting even more critical for success. Organic traffic typically has a higher conversion rate, so organizations need to be more aware of what is communicated on Twitter about them. For the sake of your organization’s reputation and success, you will need to keep a more careful eye on how your non-profit interacts with its constituents and what kind of experience they have with you. Positive experiences can help bring in new traffic and participants for your organization and its mission. If clients have a less than ideal experience, however, their testimonial could reach billions of people and have a significant negative influence on your organization.

In order to maintain your mission and keep your non-profit going, your organization needs to produce high quality, engaging content on Twitter.

Google has a reputation for rewarding companies based on quality of content, not quantity, so watch what you post, strategically elevate your social cadence and carefully craft your Twitter and blog content to ensure you take advantage of this new digital marketing opportunity.

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