What Could Your Nonprofit Do With $10K?



Describe an innovative (defined as a new idea, method, or process to get something done) project, using technology that will improve your efforts to specifically benefit your community. At the Tech Forward 2017 Conference (Sept. 17-19th in Nashville, Tn. more info here) three Technology Innovation Awards will be presented to nonprofit organizations that have outlined innovative plans to use technology to further their missions. 

As you craft your description, ask yourself: 

  • What is the situation that needs to be improved and how can you leverage technology in some new way (for your organization) to address that challenge? 
  • To support your case, consider these questions: Why do you think this project will work? 
  • What do you know from data or previous projects that supports that? 
  • Have you researched to see if other nonprofits are doing something similar with success, or if they could use a solution comparable to the one you are proposing? 
  • Is this idea measurable and sustainable once implemented? Are you thinking of a pilot first, or a phased, scalable project?

Deadline is July 31st Apply Today!

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