How VolunteerConnect Can Help Your Nonprofit

There are many critical responsibilities that come with working for a non-profit organization. Promoting your cause, organizing your volunteers and raising money for your mission are just a few of the major responsibilities that can make or break your organization. With so much to handle, getting help from a constituent relationship management (CRM) system can be a huge boost.

VolunteerConnect is one such database, which allows non-profits to leverage their volunteers and save time in the process. Here are some ways VolunteerConnect can be an asset to your non-profit. Here are a few ways your nonprofit can directly benefit from a CRM like VolunteerConnect.

1. Volunteer website creation

With VolunteerConnect, you can setup and customize a volunteer web portal to reflect your non-profit’s branding and preferred interface. This lets your volunteers have access to an simple, efficient system where they can sign up for opportunities individually or as a group. Other options they can access include viewing their volunteer history, updating contact information and tracking areas of interest. Having this portal created for your non-profit allows you to further engage with your volunteers and gives them the freedom to search and sign up for opportunities that best suit them. This should inspire more people to sign up, show up and return for more volunteer opportunities with your non-profit.

2. Skills and interest analysis

Not all volunteers have the same skill sets or interests, so it’s important to target your specific volunteers with opportunities that interest them. With VolunteerConnect, you can track your volunteers skills and interests to create more customized roles. You can track them privately and report on them to generate lists of volunteers interested in a certain area. By narrowing down your volunteers skill sets and areas of interest, you can better cater to their needs while still filling the roles your non-profit needs to succeed.

3. Communicate with volunteers

Sometimes its difficult to get every piece of communications out to your volunteers. With VolunteerConnect, you can facilitate more meaningful conversations and send automatic emails, such as for site registration, confirmation, reminders and thank yous. You can also use to send email to groups, as it integrates with common email providers. Your non-profit can also export email addresses to other systems that you use to communicate with volunteers for easier communication capabilities. Getting in touch with your volunteers is no longer a struggle or a time eater and you can go back to doing with you do best; fulfilling your mission and supporting your non-profit.


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