How To Use Twitter Lists For Nonprofits

While many organizations use Twitter to further their mission, utilizing Twitter lists often falls by the wayside. Twitter lists are a great way to organize your non-profit’s Twitter experience by helping you find, monitor and engage with your target audience. Here is how to best use Twitter lists to aid your non-profit.

    1. Monitor the competition

      Keeping an eye on what other organizations like yours are doing can be helpful down the line. Keep your competitors Twitter accounts on hand with a Twitter list so you can easily find their accounts and tweets. It’s a great way to see how they engage with followers, stay on top of their news and check out their offerings. Use the insights you get by improving your non-profit’s Twitter strategy. See what works for them and use it to further your own mission and goals. Just be sure to make this list private so your competitors won’t know you are catching up on them.

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    1. Connect with leaders

      Keeping an eye on leaders in your industry is critically important for your non-profit’s success. Putting them all in one Twitter list makes keeping an eye on their tweets and audience interaction much more efficient. You can use this list to improve your relationship with these leaders by consistently engaging with them. Try to retweet their content, mention them in your own posts and be the first to respond when they tweet out a question.

      Creating this list also adds value to your own account, making it a valuable resource for those interested in keeping up with your organization’s industry. Share the list with your followers and ask them to subscribe to keep up with engagement and share the information you have collected.

      3. Event lists

      If your non-profit is managing an event, consider creating a Twitter list of speakers or attendees for public viewing. This is excellent for event marketing, as people can get a better idea of what type of speakers will be there. It also helps people connect to each other prior to the event, prompting higher engagement between followers and your organization. This is also useful for those who cannot attend your event, as they can more easily follow what is happening in real time or catch up after it is over. Be sure to share the link to the Twitter list before, during and after the event through all social platforms so followers will know where to look for updates.

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