Unanswered Questions When Moving To The Cloud

The trendiest tech topic over the last year or so has been about the cloud.

What is it? When should we transition to the cloud? Should we transition to a cloud at all?

However, sometimes the obvious, simpler questions are skipped over or ignored.

In this post we will explore the “Why, How, and Where” of transitioning your nonprofit to the cloud according to Jyoti Sharmaof SAP.

  1. Why

    The general question of why you should move to the cloud is a layered one, and is perhaps the most difficult question to answer.

    The question really hinges upon where your needs lie. Do you need to share files just between employees? Or, do you need to share files between clients as well? Do you have employees in the field? Or, can you complete all necessary functions of your nonprofit within your office? What is your nonprofit planning to do in the next 5-10 years? What will your computing needs be then?

    The answers to these questions will shape the reasons why you should move to the cloud.

  2. How

    Knowing why you want to move to the cloud is one thing, but it is an entirely other entity altogether knowing how you will successfully make the transition.

    It is important to understand that during your implementation there may be speed bumps, problems, and confusion along the way and it may take a several tries to successfully map out your how portion. Choosing a veteran vendor is ultimately the most important starting point when making the switch, but it equally as important to educate yourself and your IT decision makers and weight the potential risks and rewards of making the move to the cloud.

  3. Where

    For this step, map out where your nonprofit is, and where you believe a cloud will take you. Understand where potential for growth lies, and decide how the cloud will help you reach those goals. Make sure that these potential are in line with your nonprofit’s priorities and the direction you intent to take your nonprofit in.

    Where you end up with your transition will rely on the decisions you make at this step.

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