It's Time For Important Microsoft Upgrades

If your nonprofit has been holding off on making important Microsoft updates, now is the time to act. All Office 2013 clients that connect to commercial Office 365 services will not be supported after October 12, 2020. Additionally, support for Windows 7 will end on January 14, 2020. Making needed ...
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Should I Fix My Old Computer Or Buy New?

We’ve all been there – weighing the cost/benefit of repairing an aging computer or buying a brand-new machine. The typical rule-of-thumb is desktop computers should be replaced every five years and laptops every three to four years. However, as a nonprofit, we understand the tendency to make ...
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Alert: Google Chrome and Windows 7 Vulnerability

WHAT'S GOING ON?  On Wednesday February 27th, Google reported two zero-day exploits involving both Microsoft Windows and Google Chrome. The two exploits would most likely be used in tandem to potentially compromise one's system.
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