Why Windows 10 Is Essential For Nonprofits And How To Upgrade

Still holding off on upgrading to Windows 10? May I ask why? You’ve probably thought about it, but then asked yourself if it’s really worth the investment. I’m here to tell you that YES, it’s worth it.
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The Microsoft Cloud Suite is a Key Driver for Social Good

Part of a strategic grant from Microsoft Philanthropies, Azure is a key driver for this social good, offering more predictable delivery, reliability, and scalability. Not only are tasks such as onboarding much faster, but operations has the ability to  is transition into a highly agile DevOps ...
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The Microsoft Cloud Helps Nonprofits Support Refugees

  SOS Children’s Villages International works in 135 countries to care for children in need as well as support their families and communities. As the Syrian refugee crisis stretches on, SOS uses the Microsoft's cloud solutions to help respond to the overwhelming need in the Middle East and Europe.
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