There's No Room For Mistakes After Google Grants Your Wishes

So you've qualified and received the Google Ad Grant! Hooray! That's $10,000 a month to use at your discretion for Ad and Adwords spending. The possibilities are endless! You'll be able to drive exponentially more traffic to your pages. Well, if you do it right that is. After receiving an honor ...
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How Google Can "Grant" Your Wishes

The core struggle of being a nonprofit organization centers around funds. In for-profit organizations, there are enough monetary resources to cover the costs of marketing, salaries, operations, etc. For nonprofits, those costs may begin to add up, and fast. In a lot of cases, grants can play a ...
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How to receive a Google Grant and Manage it with Analytics

Guest blog post from Max Kryzhanovskiy, Preseident and CEO of MOS Creative, a digital marketing and growth strategy firm that uses data to help organizations develop focused website and fundraising strategy. Have you heard of the Google Ad Grants Program for nonprofits? It’s a program that gives ...
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