Why You Shouldn’t Create a Custom Work Around to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Tech Impact recently received a request for information about custom building a streamlined CRM using Microsoft’s Power Apps. The implied benefit is mimicking the functionality of Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM without the unwanted or unneeded features—and without the cost. The short answer? Yes, this is ...
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Tip of the Day: Should Nonprofits Choose Open Source Software?

Editor’s note: All this month we’re publishing tech tips for nonprofits. Keep a look out for a new tip each day and let us know what you think in the comments. -Dan 
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We're All Snowflakes: Knowing When to Be Unique

As fundraisers, executive directors, marketers and general staff at nonprofits, it has been ingrained in our heads that our organizations are unique. “No one does what we do.” That is the message we tell our constituents, from donors to clients to members--everyone. And while that singularity is ...
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