Top Three npTech Concerns: Results from Yesterday's TechSoup Webinar

Today our ED Patrick Callihan co-presented a webinar with TechSoup discussing the TechSoup Global Cloud Computing Survey as well as the motivations and barriers that nonprofits, libraries and NGOs have in moving their IT to the cloud.

We’re going to post a more detailed summary of the webinar next week, but for now check out these three posts to learn a little more about some important questions brought up in the webinar.

60% of people surveyed know so little about the cloud that they don’t even know what the opportunities or barriers might be. This article sheds some light on the top three myths that hold nonprofits back from the cloud.

Top Three Myths About the Cloud

And for those of you that are thinking of moving to the cloud sometime in the next 3 years (that’s quite a lot of you, for those who haven’t read the report)- this article helps you prepare yourself to move to the cloud and ask all the right questions.

Too Many Usernames and Passwords: Why Being Cloud Capable Does Not Mean You’re Cloud Functional

Data backup, data security, where your data is hosted- these are the constant questions and concerns that plague nonprofit. You want your data to be secure; it’s important about donors, those you help or other confidential information. This can all be done in a cloud backup, in fact it is safe from disaster than that server you can see with your own eyes. Check out this article to learn more about data recovery and how the cloud might be able to keep your information safe.

What Do Pixar and Your Nonprofit Have in Common?

Let us know in the comments if you have more questions you’d like to see answered and check back next week for our extended post on the webinar.

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