Top 4 Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Nonprofit’s Content Marketing


You’re probably thinking “I have a marketing department, why would I outsource my content marketing?"

But does anyone on your marketing team have a journalism background? How about publishing? Has anyone written articles for a niche audience, and do they have the know how to track the success of that article?

These things and more is what sets apart a trained content marketing team from a rag-tag bunch of marketers who fancy themselves content folks every other wednesday.

Successful content marketing starts at the grass roots level. It starts at understanding a target audience, and knowing exactly how to serve them the content they’ll not only click on, but read, engage with, and even share.

Here are a few more reasons why outsourcing your nonprofit’s content marketing could be the smartest marketing move your nonprofit makes all year.

    1. Content people are content people

      The same way your IT team is responsible for fixing a broken computer, and your finance team handles processing payroll, content people should be responsible for creating and delivering your nonprofit’s content. The best content marketers are journalists, people who are used to writing and telling stories for an audience who just might know the story better than they do.

      The way dog people love dogs, and cat people love cats, content people love content.

      2. Data, data, data

      It might not be readily apparent, but with content comes data; and important data at that. To get your content in front of as many people as possible, you have to know what content is resonating with an audience, and what content is not.

      But there’s often a huge learning curve associated with data and analytic tracking. Thrusting someone into the role, who might not necessarily enjoy tracking data, and expecting them to deliver results quickly is unrealistic. By outsourcing that work you’re ensuring that that data is being tracked by people who want to be there, and want to be doing that work.

      3. Less than the cost of a full-time employee

      You might be thinking, why not just hire someone? The truth is, people are expensive. and even more expensive are the talented people who are going to deliver better results, even more quickly. Outsourcing your content marketing work is buying yourself a team of employees, for less than the cost of interviewing, hiring, training, and paying the salary of one.

      4. You know what you’re getting

      By outsourcing your content marketing efforts you know exactly what you’re getting. a Vendor like Tech Impact’s managed services will show you exactly what type of content you can expect to receive, how it will be distributed, and how its success will be measured. Numbers are laid out in black and white, and there’s no surprises.


So you be the judge. Is rolling the dice with hiring a new employee worth it, when outsourcing your content marketing efforts will get you more for less.

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