Tired of Waiting? VDI Might Be the Answer to Your Overworked Computer

For years we’ve been taught that our next computer needs to be bigger, faster, more processing capability, more RAM, more, more, more. This is no longer true! With the cloud, your machines can be as fast, as capable and as productive as the newest tech out there, even if you’re using older machines (or donated machines).

This sounds almost too good to believe, we know. When you break it down, however, it makes a lot of sense.

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), available to nonprofits as npBase, moves your existing desktop to the cloud. You access it through an internet connection and a web browser. Now, instead of your computer taking the burden of your computing, the desktop hosted in the cloud takes the burden.

That’s right; when you open a new program, the cloud-based server hosting your desktop opens it. And it usually does so in milliseconds because those servers are way more powerful than your desktop ever was.

And those servers work better than the ones in your supply closet. Why? Well because they’re managed by technicians whose job is to make sure that the cloud based tools and the servers they live on stay active and in good shape. They are also flexible. If one server is overtaxed, your desktop moves to another one that isn’t, instantaneously.

So, your desktop looks just like it does today, with all the programs you want, the only difference is you are accessing it through a browser. But what about updating? One of the benefits of having these tools being cloud based is that it’s easy to update them, and most update automatically. You can stop worrying about buying new software all the time, new hardware all the time- cloud computing makes keeping software current and keeping PCs working well as easy and cost effective as can be.

Nonprofits deserve technology that keeps up with the modern era- just because you’re on a tighter budget does not mean that you need to deal with outdated technology. The cloud is exciting and cost efficient. We make it possible for nonprofits to use the technology that is changing the world around us.

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