There's No Room For Mistakes After Google Grants Your Wishes

So you've qualified and received the Google Ad Grant! Hooray! That's $10,000 a month to use at your discretion for Ad and Adwords spending. The possibilities are endless! You'll be able to drive exponentially more traffic to your pages. Well, if you do it right that is. After receiving an honor such as this, wouldn't it be to great to not have to put those dollars to good use? Avoid these 5 Worst Mistakes Made with the Google AdWords Grant

  1. Paying For AdWords - Having the opportunity to receive grants such as the ones provided by Google, means that you should never have to pay for AdWords as a nonprofit that meets the qualifications
  2. Giving Bad Direction - Having faulty links is a major disadvantage to any ad campaign. Making sure your ads work and provide accurate and stable links it key to growing your constituency.
  3. Using Just One Ad - If you're banking on sharing the same ad everywhere, you're not thinking efficiently. In order to really drive visits, it is important to always be testing copy and reformatting ads.
  4. Having Expensive Taste - Although the grant itself provides you $10,000 a month, that doesn't mean you should get caught up in the numbers. Remaining frugal and using each dollar wisely will greatly enhance and expand your capacity for creating better advertising.
  5. Not Sticking Your Landing - Advertising is worthless if you don't have good landing pages. All too often, great ad campaigns leading to terrible landing pages become a waste of money. Google will crawl your landing pages and if they are not up to par, Google won't hesitate to discontinue leading visitors to your ads.

If you avoid these five mistakes, you're ahead of the game and only a matter of time until you become an AdWords aficionado! You'll have your constituents engaging with your ads and visiting your site in no time!

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