The Top 3 Reasons the Cloud Is Happening Now

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Image courtesy of GetACoder. Image courtesy of GetACoder.

So if the cloud is the best thing since sliced bread, why weren’t you using it before? Well, a few things have changed.

  1. One of the most important factors is broadband access. That broadband connection at home that you pay $20 a month for is about a hundred times quicker than connections costing $2000 a month just a decade ago. Imagine broadband as a water hose that keeps getting bigger. Eventually, the hose and the reservoir become indiscernible.

  2. Computing prices have dropped. Servers at data centers are literally disposable. We’re talking about equipment that would have cost $10,000 a decade ago. It’s now cheaper to throw that equipment out than fix it. Data centers around the globe are loading up with these cheap, disposable machines.

  3. Virtualization is changing computing. Back in the old days, you used to run all of your programs on one server (one box). Now multiple servers can run on one physical box. Virtualization is like a school bus. Instead of each parent driving their kid to school each day in their car with the resulting traffic jams and waste of time and fuel or having to build lots of extra lanes on the roads, we have the kids ride a big bus that can effectively carry a lot of people. We save resources like gas and space on the highways, as well as the parents’ time.
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