The Last Mile - Completing Your Nonprofit's Ascent to the Cloud

The cloud provides nonprofit organizations with affordable, secure and collaborative tools that help their staff work towards their missions. Many nonprofits have taken advantage of discounts and donations and have moved their files and emails to the cloud. While email and files are often what we see nonprofits migrate to the cloud first, they are not the only services your organization can move to the cloud.

Many organizations are using Office 365 for Nonprofits, Google for Nonprofits or, but still have onsite servers that hum along for a few reasons:

  • Until recently, servers provided functions that common cloud systems could not replicate.
  • Even with the systems that are now available, making the move requires planning and expertise that many IT professionals
    do not have.
  • Nonprofits run legacy applications that do not have a cloud equivalent. These systems must remain server based.
  • Unfortunately, in some cases, outsourced IT vendors continue to manage servers in order to keep revenue stream with their clients.
Nonprofits that are actively using cloud for productivity and want to break their ties with servers can definitely make it happen – with help.

We call this the “Last Mile”, the final stretch of projects, planning and migrations needed to complete an organization’s ascent to the cloud. An organization is in the “Last Mile” if they want to become completely cloud based but still have some technology hosted onsite.

Tech Impact helps nonprofits complete the "The Last Mile" phase with migration and planning services. The technologies we often help nonprofits move the the cloud to complete the Last Mile include:

  • Network, IP and Print Services
  • Active Directory Services
  • Databases
  • Custom or Legacy Applications
  • Financial Software

If your organization is going to be completely cloud based, you must finish the final stretch of projects and planning to get off your onsite infrastructure.

Download Tech Impact’s whitepaper, “The Last Mile – Completing Your Nonprofit’s Ascent to the Cloud” to learn about Tech Impact’s approach to helping nonprofits ascend to the cloud.

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