Telling Stories, Making Decisions, and Identifying Trends – The Power of Data Visualization Tools


The collection, management and analysis of data is becoming increasingly more important for nonprofit organizations. Savvy data management, analysis, visualization and storytelling can lead to increased funding and better programs and services and has become critical to sustaining the work of our nonprofit. Are you are struggling to find compelling ways to tell your organization’s story for grants, donors, board members, and the public? Here are a few tips you might not have considered when it comes to maintaining your database. 

Keep it clean

At least once a year merge donor and volunteer profiles, while eliminating duplicates along the way. Also look into a database that is specifically geared toward donor and volunteer information, such as constituent relationship management (CRM) system.

Conduct audits

An important part of data security is auditing your database's information. What don't you need to keep anymore? Expired donor credit cards are a great example of data that should be purged from your systems. 

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Define standards

Make your database easier to search by standardizing the terms and data. Phone numbers, for example, can be formatted a number of ways, such as (302) 123-4567, 3021234567, 1-302-123-4567, and etc., but allowing the variety can make searching more difficult. 

Keep a record of maintenance

It's importance to schedule and keep track of database maintenance and audits. Also, keep a log of duplicates, merges, files, and constituent profiles and create goals for the next year. Keeping a record might help you improve workflow over time and create better standards.

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