Techsoup Donation Aids Nonprofit Help At-Risk Kids



For organizations like CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) in Nebraska, purchasing software is often an unaffordable expense.

Luckily, donations from organizations like Techsoup can often help offset those costs by providing essential software at a discounted rate. In the case of CASA, which helps bring stability to troubled youths who find themselves caught in the juvenile court system, the organization was in need of an application that could help track finances.

CASA only has one staff member/director, the rest of its efforts are made with the help of volunteers. To track finances, CASA’s directors needed a program like Quickbooks, but with such a limited budget the purchase was tough to make.

But Techsoup was able to help, and now CASA’s director is able to more efficiently track finances and spend more time advocating for the kids the organization works to help.

Check out Techsoup’s post to learn more about how they were able to help.


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