Tech Impact Kicks-Off Alumni Ambassador Program for CXWorks and ITWorks


In 2018, Tech Impact’s workforce development programs CXWorks and ITWorks will reach an incredible milestone – graduating their 500th student! With the growing number of graduates, leadership and staff are excited to roll-out the Alumni Ambassadors program which was officially announced at last week’s Impact Hour in Wilmington, Delaware.

CIO for the State of Delaware, James Collins, was in attendance and shared his excitement for the launch of this exciting step forward when he addressed the crowd saying, “Congratulations on this new alumni program! With the massive number of professionals that are needed right now, and in the future, I really think what Tech Impact is doing is futuristic. Alumni should be proud to be associated with this program, and I look forward to attending more of these events.” That sentiment is resounding in all three locations – Las Vegas, NV; Philadelphia, PA; and Wilmington, DE.

For this inaugural group of Ambassadors, 10 students from both programs and all three locations have accepted their nominations and committed to laying the foundation for this exciting graduate initiative.

Betsy – Fall 2016
Jose – Spring 2017

ITWorks Las Vegas
Cynara – Fall 2016
Sultaneh – Spring 2017

ITWorks Philadelphia
Tom – Spring 2013
Matt – Fall 2014
Anna – Spring 2016

ITWorks Delaware
Philip – Spring 2013
Aundre – Fall 2015
Katie – Spring 2017

Stacey Faris, Career Development Associate for the Las Vegas programs, and Tracey Mulveny, Career Development Specialist for the PA and DE programs, will provide oversight and encouragement to the Alumni Ambassadors throughout the year. Tracey is especially excited because of how much ownership the graduates will have over molding this program saying, “The Alumni Ambassador Program’s mission is to enable graduates themselves to craft the kind of engagement that they want…Our program is established to empower our grads to define the future of the program by supporting new enrollment, staying in contact and strengthening our network for future employment, and getting the resources they’ll actually use. We do not use our alumni network to solicit donations of any kind.”

This initiative was established to identify, train and engage a select group of alumni to serve as representatives, recruiters, liaisons and spokespersons for the programs. Alumni Ambassadors for CXWorks and ITWorks represent the programs’ rich diversity and play a key role in increasing knowledge opportunities for professional growth and development. Ambassadors are resources for their classmates and links between graduates, current students, community partners, and the program staff. They have the ability to influence the future of their programs.

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