Tech Impact is Participating in Nevada's Big Give on Thursday, March 23rd

Image result for nevada's big giveSometimes it’s hard for the public to wrap their heads around the world of nonprofits. Many people have questions about funding, donations, and even employment. How do we stay afloat? These are valid questions, but there are plenty of valid answers. Nonprofits get their funding from a variety of different sources, depending on the organization.

However, it’s common for organizations to get involved in fundraising events that help spread the word about their purpose and seek to get the public directly involved. These events can range from local to global outreach, and are a great way to familiarize the public with the organizations that matter to them.

This year, Tech Impact is participating in Nevada’s Big Give which falls on March 23rd, 2017. NBG is considered a “Giving Day”, which is a common fundraising approach. Giving days happen all over the world, all year long. The idea behind a day of giving is to rally the public and ask them to promise a donation to an organization of their choice on a specific date. Generally, the giving day is centered around a region or even a specific holiday. Here at Tech Impact, we are participating in “Nevada’s Big Give” in honor of our ITWorks branch in Las Vegas. In just 5 years, Nevada’s Big Give has raised over $2 million dollars for participating organizations.

Why do these giving days matter? Sometimes it’s hard for everyday people to promise monthly donations to organizations, and it’s possible that many people don’t know organizations are in their local area. By designating a single day of giving, this encourages organized fundraising and public outreach. Here at Tech Impact, we have participated in giving days in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and now Nevada. Interested in donating or getting involved in this year’s Nevada’s Big Give and supporting our workforce development programs, ITWorks and CXWorks?

Join us on March 23rd and #GiveWhereYouLive:

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