Tech Impact Helps Homeless Planning Council Identify Gaps In Affordable Housing


Homeless Planning Council of Delaware (HPC), engaged the services of Tech Impact to create a searchable database, which would capture and collate existing and new housing information for all subpopulations.


There was no central repository for housing information for the entire state of Delaware, which includes all subpopulations such as seniors, inpiduals with disabilities, and those without transportation, and all types of housing, including manufactured housing.


Tech Impactlaware worked with HPC to develop a database which captures existing and new data and recommendations (from existing housing plans), and maps the intersection of the data and recommendations, in order to identify any gaps which need to be addressed. For example, although it is generally believed that manufactured housing is a viable affordable housing option that has not been tapped to its fullest potential, there is currently no hard data or specific recommendations for manufactured housing.

The searchable database is built on the cloud-based Salesforce platform. Salesforce provides up to 10 free annual user licenses to qualified nonprofits (a $1,500/license value). Tech Impact has developed Salesforce databases for many regional nonprofits, and although HPC’s requirements were unique, Tech Impact was up to the challenge.


After three months of development efforts, the HPC housing database went live in March 2012. According to Susan Starrett, Executive Director, “What Dan Leibowitz and Tech Impact accomplished in three months was incredible.” Susan can now effectively capture and analyze the statewide housing information, and identify the gaps which need to be addressed.

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